Having Ed as a personal trainer was nothing but a positive experience. After sustaining a major knee injury I had spent almost a year seeking advice from doctors and physiotherapists and had seen little to no improvement. It was time for a new approach. (more…)

Shannon Rosen

I met Ed O’Donovan on the recommendation of a friend over a year and a half ago in Sacramento, California.  I was looking for someone to Personal Train with and he came highly recommended.  I was overweight, had chronic back pain and had not “moved” for a very long time.

I met with Ed who spent time evaluating my needs and goals.


Dr. Stephanie Walton.

“Ed knows his business and has a knack for figuring out what clients need to reach the next level.  I found myself making gains, at age 41, that would not have been possible without his help.  Plus, Ed is a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to be around.”

Sean Hungerford

Sean Hungerford

Working with Ed was one of the best training experiences I’ve had.  His knowledge of how the body moves combined with his expertise in training allowed me to push myself in a healthy, safe environment.  His sense of humour alone helped me go to work out on days I otherwise would have cancelled.  (more…)

Wendy Wong

Ed was my personal trainer for over a year. He was my first trainer in a number of years so Ed definitely had his work cut out for him! After my first session I immediately knew how knowledgeable Ed was about the body and fitness. I started out with one session a week and eventually switched to 3 days a week as I was enjoying the training so much! (more…)

Kaitlin Cyr

I trained with Ed for approximately 6 months during 2014. My aim was overall fitness and to know as I approached my 60th Birthday that I was ageing well and doing the best I possibly could for my future.


Viv Smith

I trained with Ed O’Donovan for almost a year. Over that time, I dropped from 195 lbs to 185 lbs, while becoming stronger and faster than I can ever remember.  At 51 years old, years of ice hockey, downhill and cross-country skiing, and mountain trail running left my body a broken, asymmetrical mess. I was 30 lbs overweight, my knees were aching and swollen, and I couldn’t bend over in the morning because of a herniated disc. (more…)

Sean Cox

Ed was one of the greatest trainers I’ve had the pleasure of working out with!! His simple techniques produced the quickest and most impressive results. He helped me work to achieve my goals, including building my strength to achieve PB with my lifts. His accurate training approach meant I could work through all of my injuries and still see results. I can highly recommend Ed’s work – and his hoodies are pretty cool too.

Kharma Mains

Eighteen months ago I herniated two discs in my lower back and as a result I suffered from constant chronic back pain and frequent flare ups of stiffness which would impede me from exercising and made my living day to day really difficult. I work in an office so sitting all day was really painful and my motivation to work out decreased for fear of further injury. (more…)

Stevë Devonda

My name is John and I came to Ed for personal training on 1/9/2010. I was 50 years of age and 16 stone. (A far cry from my football playing days when I was 12st 7lb). My body fat % was 25% on that first day . In the course of 21 sessions over the next 7 weeks i reduced my weight to 13st 10lb and reduced my body fat % to 18.5%. (more…)

John Gray

My name is Tobias, I am from Germany and 24 years old.

I was 21 when I went to New Zealand for a year and started training with Ed.
Ed saw me trying and failing on a muscle up, which i was training for in the Gym.
I couldn´t do it for weeks and Ed told me i was using the wrong or rather no technique.
He showed how to do it and I managed my first muscle up within half an hour with him.
That was when I decided to ask him, if he could train me as a PT.
I still concern it one of my best decisions.  (more…)

Tobias Scheurgers

Ed is a great professional. He helped me to lose weight, to define, gave me tips about nutrition. He helped me to have healthy and good habits. Sometimes we think we know what to eat, how to exercise, but sometimes we are wrong. (more…)

Marina Strick

I sought out Ed O’Donovan as a personal trainer after seeing the impressive fitness results he helped a friend achieve.  My goal at the time was to prepare for an upcoming marathon. He did a thorough assessment of my strength and mobility and designed a training program to perfectly fit my schedule and training goals.  (more…)

Lori Mills

We are in our 60’s (Vera) and early 70’s (Ken) and have had personal training twice/week with Ed for nearly 10 months.  When we first started, we had many aches and pains (back, neck, knee, etc.) and had difficulty with some functional movements, such as some of the heavier household chores and handling our suitcases when travelling.  We are now pain free and significantly fitter and stronger.  In fact, we feel a decade younger and can now even do some things that we could not do a decade ago. (more…)

Vera Radyo & Ken Phillips


Movement of the body isn’t merely about the physicality of the action but in cases specific to when a person is returning from injury, it is about healing the mind to know it can do “it” again. These are the two resulting gifts I received in my work with Ed Donovan.
A return to strong movement married with a knowing of my abilities. Sydney Young


Sydney Young

I trained with Ed in Queenstown, NZ, for just over a year. When I started with him I had very little mobility, no strength, I was unfit, over weight and had no idea what to do at the gym.A year training with Ed made me the fittest and strongest I have ever been. (more…)

Aiden Kelly

I met Ed back in 2013 just by chance as it was arranged that I would share the house that he was living in at the time. Firstly I had no intentions on training with Ed until I decided to join him training one particular day. After training with him just once I realised that he really knew what he was doing, I was in awe of his strength and no bull shit approach to training. (more…)

Matthew Timms

I regularly attended Ed’s small-group training sessions, bi-weekly for approximately one year, at “It’s Time Fitness Results” in North Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Ed is an extremely experienced, informed, and talented trainer and fitness professional.  He’s both highly motivating and attentive to individual needs (i.e. injuries and fitness levels), and always a pleasure to be around.  (more…)

Gord Gray

Ed O’Donovan was my personal trainer from October 2015 to June 2016.  I had not been to a gym in years and was somewhat intimidated at the prospect of trying to get in shape.  Ed immediately put me at ease.  Our sessions were both challenging and enjoyable.  (more…)

Jane Twanow