Training Philosophy

My training approach is a person centered one with a sharp focus on results. I endeavor to meet a client where they are at. This means using appropriate methods according to the level of the individual. I believe exercise is the best form of preventative medicine, and indeed it can help address many existing maladies. However, not just any exercise! There are many different fitness regimens these days, although when I say regimen it implies there is a systematic plan, this unfortunately is not always the case. It is easy to make someone tired, a state many people confuse with a good training session; making someone incrementally stronger, fitter and healthier however requires a lot more expertise.

This is why I feel education has to be an integral part of the training process, Physical Ed-ucation! I want to ultimately empower my clients to look after their own bodies and well-being. In terms of health and longevity, we need to move well, not just inside the gym but outside of it too. To this end, training movement quality will come first. This initial focus on quality will help cultivate more mindful day to day movement which will ultimately lead to more consistent and long lasting progress.

I use many different tools to help my clients look, feel and perform better but I am not dogmatic about any training style or system. The process is largely determined by what will work best for the individual and their goals. This includes making it fun and engaging. I do not fold my arms and bark orders at my clients, you will not be miserable. Although it will require hard work, I have little doubt you will enjoy the challenge and certainly it’s rewards. For more insight into my thoughts on training check out the article “Movement as Medicine” in my blog.