Vera Radyo & Ken Phillips

We are in our 60’s (Vera) and early 70’s (Ken) and have had personal training twice/week with Ed for nearly 10 months.  When we first started, we had many aches and pains (back, neck, knee, etc.) and had difficulty with some functional movements, such as some of the heavier household chores and handling our suitcases when travelling.  We are now pain free and significantly fitter and stronger.  In fact, we feel a decade younger and can now even do some things that we could not do a decade ago.

Ed started us off slowly, always checking how we were feeling.  He watched our movements very closely to make sure that we were not hurting ourselves. Ed gave us the right amount of challenge, so that we could progress.

We know that it is not only us, but Ed was a very effective and popular trainer with his clients.  We have seen him train teenagers, adults and seniors.  All have benefitted from his training, which caters to the needs of the individual and is based upon scientifically based techniques that have proven to make a difference.

We highly recommend Ed O’Donovan to anyone who wishes to improve their strength and fitness, and are sorry that he is leaving Canada.Please feel free to contact us, should you require further information.

Vera Radyo  and Ken Phillips

North Vancouver, Canada

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