Personal Training

Expert Personal Coaching

Personal and small group training begins with a thorough assessment. This includes a comprehensive questionnaire addressing everything from training history, to injury history, your goals and your current nutrition and activity levels. We’ll also assess your movement quality with the Functional Movement Screen system as well as a number of other  physical screens. These assessments will guide our initial training sessions.

While your goals are an obvious priority, I also prioritize getting my clients to a good level of relative strength. This kind of training is also the best kind of training for toning up and looking your best. The beauty of body weight and weight training is the ability to progressively and measurably increase intensity as the body adapts so you can consistently make progress towards your goals.

Nuts and Bolts

You can expect to use many body weight, barbell and kettlebell exercises, initially mastering the basics and fundamental movements before progressing to more complex training, if that is required.

Building a resilient and capable body and getting into the best shape of your life can be as simple as just showing up,  I’ll take care of the rest.