Matthew Timms

I met Ed back in 2013 just by chance as it was arranged that I would share the house that he was living in at the time. Firstly I had no intentions on training with Ed until I decided to join him training one particular day. After training with him just once I realised that he really knew what he was doing, I was in awe of his strength and no bull shit approach to training. From then on I trained consistently with him for the next 3 months accomplishing a deadlift of 200kg at which the starting point was below 100kg and I built an impressive amount of size and strength as well. We trained hard and smart, ensuring that along the way I was learning the necessary skills that I would later use training solo. Since training with Ed I took part in a Crossfit competition with very little crossfit training and came 3rd out of 80, I breezed the Emergency Response Training that was required by my job and even recently came first in a half Marathon. I’m not saying that you will be an absolute machine after training with Ed unless of course that is your plan but he will work with you to help you achieve your specific goals. Putting all the training aside Ed has got to be the most real person I have ever met and an absolute pleasure to be around, I wish you the best on your journey with Ed