John Gray

My name is John and I came to Ed for personal training on 1/9/2010. I was 50 years of age and 16 stone. (A far cry from my football playing days when I was 12st 7lb). My body fat % was 25% on that first day . In the course of 21 sessions over the next 7 weeks i reduced my weight to 13st 10lb and reduced my body fat % to 18.5%. Through a mixture of High Intensity training, weight training and of course diet, Ed was instrumental in guiding me through this program and helping me to achieve my goals. Even when the 7 weeks was finished he went the extra mile by giving me a progressive program to continue improve my fitness. By December 2010 I had reduced my weight to 12st 7lb! My body fat was down to 16.5%. I continue to train and maintain these numbers. Motivation must come from within but professional guidance is imperative. I can not speak highly enough about Ed and have no hesitation in recommending him for any fitness/training needs