Tobias Scheurgers

My name is Tobias, I am from Germany and 24 years old.

I was 21 when I went to New Zealand for a year and started training with Ed.
Ed saw me trying and failing on a muscle up, which i was training for in the Gym.
I couldn´t do it for weeks and Ed told me i was using the wrong or rather no technique.
He showed how to do it and I managed my first muscle up within half an hour with him.
That was when I decided to ask him, if he could train me as a PT.
I still concern it one of my best decisions. 

Ed helped me starting a proper leg training, with really motivating successes and increases of weight,
I couldn’t imagine before.
He explained me how to diet without starving but still getting leaner and leaner.
When I told Ed about my shoulder pain, that bothered me for years, he could actually tell me where it was coming from and showed me how to get rid of it.

Now, back in Germany, I still use his diet advice and training methods. And in the Gym I often watch guys doing the same mistakes I did before having the Ph.Ed. lessons.
So thanks again for everything Ed!