Dr. Stephanie Walton.

I met Ed O’Donovan on the recommendation of a friend over a year and a half ago in Sacramento, California.  I was looking for someone to Personal Train with and he came highly recommended.  I was overweight, had chronic back pain and had not “moved” for a very long time.

I met with Ed who spent time evaluating my needs and goals.

He then mapped out a very strategic plan and time frame.  I can honestly say that I did not have too much faith that I could make progress, as it all felt overwhelming and I had failed repeatedly in the past.

Ed never wavered in his approach or plan for me, despite my lack of faith.  He continued to be supportive and a great encouragement.  His approach was methodical and sound.  He not only mapped out an “exercise” plan, but addressed the difficult part, my “lifestyle”.  He addressed my work, sleep habits, stressors as well as my diet.  Ed took a comprehensive approach and I began to make and see true progress.  Not only did I begin to lose weight, but for the first time since I injured my back, I was free of pain.   Ed is smart, wise, well read and has a passion for helping others.

Over the time I worked with Ed, I lost a significant amount of weight, made significant lifestyle change and the quality of my life, SIGNIFICANTLY improved.   My life has been forever impacted.

I would say that Ed is much more than a GREAT Personal Trainer but a “Life Coach” and “Mentor”.  I will never be able to thank him enough.


Stephanie Walton

Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.