Viv Smith

I trained with Ed for approximately 6 months during 2014. My aim was overall fitness and to know as I approached my 60th Birthday that I was ageing well and doing the best I possibly could for my future.

By working with Ed, I achieved all that and more. His warm sense of humour, yet focused advice made me feel confident that I could achieve my goals – and I did, entering the first Queenstown Marathon as a 10k runner. Amazing!  I can’t tell you how much working with Ed as a PT helped me. He brings professionalism, great knowledge and variety to training that ensured I was challenged at just the right achievable rate and encouraged to achieve my personal best. He advised me re exercise and nutrition as well as my general lifestyle – a combo that made all the difference

Also, I was suffering from a knee injury that had bothered me for months – following Ed’s advice re stretching and strengthening I overcame the injury and now have no pain at all

I would encourage anyone who is hoping to achieve their very best in any health goal to work with Ed – he will support and guide you to make a true, sustainable difference in your life, whatever your age and starting point. And he is great fun to train with too!