What to Expect

Expect to see RESULTS, because if you show up, it will happen. I have the utmost confidence that my training approach will bring you the results you desire. Of course you have to do your part, the more you take responsibility for yourself, your sleep, nutrition etc etc, the better the results. But you will not be doing any of it alone, I will be guiding you all the way.

Expect expert coaching. I have learned a lot in my time in the fitness industry, working with smarter people than me and following some of the best and brightest minds in fitness and rehabilitation. Importantly I am still learning. I am not interested in the marginal gains that can be attained from random training. I want to help people to get the best possible results from their efforts and mine.

Expect changes to take time. We are living in a world of instant gratification. We want everything now and struggle with longer term commitments. The good news is that you will be making progress from the start, sustainable progress that will ultimately lead you to your goals. The catch is you must be consistent with your effort, although this is true of anything worthwhile.

Expect a service that is professional, friendly and supportive. Our success will be determined by the efforts of both parties. For my part I will do all in my power to support you in pursuit of your goals.

Expect fun and lots of laughter-(Disclaimer- sense of humor is required!)

Expect to get strong and resilient. Building resilient, injury resistant bodies is  paramount to long term health. People often fail by taking short term approaches to weight loss, eventually breaking down through injury. Building whole body, functional strength takes time, but it pays off in dividends. Even if you do nothing else other than show up, I can guarantee that you will get stronger and more resilient.

Expect a quality training soundtrack! I’m a huge music fan, and while I have impeccable taste, I do let my clients choose the music, most of the time anyways.