Aiden Kelly

I trained with Ed in Queenstown, NZ, for just over a year. When I started with him I had very little mobility, no strength, I was unfit, over weight and had no idea what to do at the gym.A year training with Ed made me the fittest and strongest I have ever been.
Dead – lifting 180kg, squatting 120kg and benching 80kg, twice, at a bodyweight of 80kg.

After training with Ed I had the fitness and strength to carry on to other sports, I competed in a charity boxing match (which I won), ran a marathon (planning to do another one) and joined CrossFit with the knowledge and skills from my training with Ed allowing me to be competitive in this activity.

I cannot thank Ed enough, for all of his time and effort that he put in to me and helped me achieve my greatest sporting moments and develop a love for dead-lifting, squatting and the gym.

Thank you.